Adam Marshall MP has advised that there will be a 7-day lockdown in the Glen Innes Severn LGA from this evening.

I have just been advised moments ago by the Health Minister and NSW Chief Health Officer that a decision has been taken to place the Glen Innes Severn LGA into a 7-day lockdown, from 6pm tonight, as a result of a known COVID case (announced yesterday) active in the community.

I am very sorry and realise this was not the news many of you were wanting to hear, especially small business owners, and I fully appreciate the stress and strain this will place on you.

However, in response to the COVID case and the fact that the individual had been active in the community while infectious, the NSW Chief Health Officer convened an independent panel of medical experts to review all the information relevant to the case in Glen Innes.

That panel determined and strongly recommended that a 7-day lockdown be imposed to protect the community and safeguard against further spread of COVID in Glen Innes, especially given the COVID-positive individual was active in the local community (and outside the community) for three days while infectious.

As announced at the time lockdowns were lifted across our region recently, if a case appeared which was active in the community, that LGA would be placed into a 14-day lockdown. Only 7 days has been recommended and agreed for the Glen Innes LGA based on the level of risk posed to the community.

I will post again later today in more detail about the rules for the lockdown, but they will be the same the previous lockdown, with the same stay-at-home rules applying for the 7-day period, from 6pm tonight.

Many of you have already asked about why Glen Innes was not mentioned at the 11am press conference – my understanding is that the independent panel was still doing its work assessing the Glen Innes situation and data from other LGAs across the State where there are also new confirmed cases at the time, so an announcement could not be made at that time.

I am posting this now, ahead of the formal announcement by the Minister (and only minutes after I found out) to give everyone as much notice as possible.

I’ll update the community again this afternoon, when more information comes to hand.

Stay safe and take care everyone.

Adam Marshall MP