Choosing The Perfect Destination Wedding Venue

These days, most couples choose to tie the knot at their dream wedding destination, often in exotic places. Getting married surrounded by nature is one of the reasons why destination weddings are so popular. With enchanting views, Glen Innes create the perfect place for you and your partner to exchange vows in the presence of your near ones. If you are planning on a relaxed, laid-back wedding, no doubt, you are going to love the good vibes at Rest Point Motor Inn & Hereford Steakhouse Char Grill.

Accommodating your guests

While choosing a wedding venue, one important thing that plays a crucial role is your guests. It makes sense that you consider your guests important because you want them to fit in your venue. In addition, you do not want them to feel uncomfortable. When you are done narrowing down your guests’ list, have the number ready while making your tour plan.

Of course, you are looking for some quality hospitality and affordable accommodation in Glen Innes for your guests, be sure to book us. Since it is a destination wedding, most of your guests will be needing a place where they can take a rest. That is why you want to choose the accommodation that is comfortable for your guests. Moreover, they will get the opportunity to come close to the local culture.

Sumptuous cuisine

Having a wedding in a place far from your hometown gives you the opportunity to try new delicacies and cuisines that tickle your fancy. With Glen Innes’ rich local culture, you will be provided with delicious meals at your reception by our Hereford Steakhouse Char Grill restaurant. You can also create a personalized menu for your wedding reception. You can dine on local beef, seafood, vegetarian dishes and sip local wine as well.

Lighting and decoration

Your wedding venue should have ample lighting to amp up your big day. After all, you want your wedding photos to be stunning. Ask the hotel owner to cooperate with the decoration part before you choose the venue.

Celebrate your big day

If you are one of those couples that want your wedding day to be a bigger one, you might want a huge celebration. Especially when you are welcoming a large number of guests. Celebrate the big day by making things more special. Host a welcome dinner for those out of town guests, the reception or a brunch after the wedding day. You may be given a discount deal if you are planning to host a bigger celebration.

Do not feel pressured into picking your dream wedding venue. Once you have a detailed plan to execute your wedding, contact us to make the booking. Make sure you do so much ahead of time because you do not want any delay. Please visit Rest Point Motor Inn & Hereford Steakhouse Char Grill website if you want to learn more.