The Glen Innes Highlands – so many reasons to visit

There are so many reasons to come, visit and stay in the Glen Innes Highlands. Glen Innes is located 1,062 metres above sea level and as a destination it is blessed with four distinct seasons. One of the biggest attractions of Glen Innes is our glorious temperatures. It is always a few degrees colder in Glen Innes. The average maximum temperature for Glen Innes in December is 25.3 degrees and in winter you can experience genuine winters with cold evenings, morning frosts and the occasional snow.

The original owners of Glen Innes and surrounds were the Ngarabal people. The Ngarabal name of the township of Glen Innes is Gindaaydjin which means ‘plenty of big round stones on clear plains’. European settlement of the area began around 1838 when Archibald Boyd registered the first run in the Glen Innes district. Boyd was taken to the area to establish his run by two stockmen known as ‘The Beardies’ because of their long beards. The Beardies introduced others squatters to the best runs in the area and it also became known as the Land of the Beardies or Beardie Plains.

There are so many reasons to visit Glen Innes apart from our amazing climate, which is obviously a huge attraction. There are fishing and fossicking areas, incredible town parks which are connected by Rocky Ponds Creek and the Australian Standing Stones; large monoliths erected to celebrate the Celtic history of Glen Innes.

The National Parks of Glen Innes which include Gibraltar Range National Park and the World Heritage listed Washpool National Park are truly amazing. Home to Raspberry Lookout, Boundary Falls, Mulligan’s Hat, the Needles, picnic spots and endless walking and biking trails the parks offer a chance to really enjoy the incredibly diverse countryside that is a part of visiting the Glen Innes Highlands.

In the town of Glen Innes itself there is also the Land of the Beardies History Museum with its splendid collection of biographical and historical records. Enjoy a historic walk through the town which gives you a chance to appreciate the architecture of Glen Innes.

Annual events which attract thousands of visitors every year include the Australian Celtic Festival, Minerama; NSW’s largest fossicking, gem and jewellery show, the Glen Innes Pastoral and Agricultural Show, The Deepwater Races and the prestigious Glen Innes Cup.

There are so many reasons to visit the Glen Innes Highlands and the Rest Point Motor Inn is the perfect place to make your base whilst you explore the area.