Things You Should Know Before Ordering Steaks At A Restaurant

If you have tasted made in Australian steak, you will agree that it is the world’s best. Of course, there are a whole host of factors that come into play, including how the cows are reared, the process of getting it from the farm to the factory and ultimately to the plate.

If you have been planning to taste this mouth-watering Australian delicacy for a long time, before you dine in a restaurant, make sure that you know the two significant steps that make this dish a distinguished one.

When you search for dine in a restaurant near me on Google, want to try steaks for the first time or for the nth number of times, you are bound to fall for what makes Aussie steaks stand out from the rest.

The wonderful marbling

Marbling is the fat found inside the muscle, which increases as the animal gets fatter, whether it is grass or grain-fed. When it comes to maximizing marbling in beef and improving the fine flecks of fat, cattle must be on a highly nutritious diet. Australian farmers focus on this part to ensure the same.

Ageing is another factor, too

Two kinds of ageing are there; both add depth to meat. Wet ageing significantly increases tenderness without influencing its flavor. It is a general storage process that occurs after a carcass is broken down. There is dry ageing too, which is performed by hanging either the whole pieces or cut pieces of the carcass at a cooler temperature.

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The safety, integrity and quality of red meat are essential to make the best steak. The processing techniques are considered serious business. The process includes the humane treatment of animals during slaughter, coupled with a sharp focus on maintaining safety and quality throughout. 

Choose the perfect complements

A good steak meal is incomplete without something to wash it down with. For example, at Rest Point Motor Inn Hereford Steakhouses Char Grill, you may want to order a nice red wine to relish the meal with your loved ones. For sides? It would be great if you couple your meal with some cooked fried potatoes, beautiful seasonal boiled greens or charcoal-grilled broccoli or even a salad.

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